Members Responsibilities

The Legion’s image is portrayed by its members’ conduct, and care should be taken to ensure that this does not reflect badly on the Legion at any time, and most particularly, while wearing Legion dress.

  • Members are responsible to their guest while such guests are in the Legion premises.
  • Members should attend meetings and be punctual.
  • Members should take part in debate at meetings and not criticize afterwards.
  • The general meeting is the place to bring up criticism and complaints.
  • Members should stand and address the chair before speaking.
  • Members should not accept offices or appointments unless they are willing to assume the responsibilities of these offices.
  • Members should abstain from reference to personalities during debate.
  • Members have responsibilities towards the good name of the Legion.  This includes supporting policies approved by convention.  If a member disagrees with a policy then the way to change it is by resolution.
  • When a confrontation arises between members, or a disagreement between President and members exists, care should be taken in resolving these situations.  Both parties should discuss the problem thoroughly to ensure the facts are known to all concerned.  The laying of complaints against a member is not always the best way to overcome a nasty situation, and should be used as an absolute last resort.
  • The Legion uniform shall be worn on appropriate occasions only and not for sectarian or political purposes.

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