For 2011 we had two Regular teams advance to our Provincial Golf in Morden, Manitoba and one Senior team. Unfortunately they were not successful at winning the Provincials but everyone had a great time.
Our Regular teams were:

August Newman, Maurice Charette, Rick Springett, Bryan Cadoreth  Ron Le Bleu, Fraser Durham, Russ McMillan, Glen Chatel

Our Senior teams were:

Rolly Marion, Eric Carlson, Rene Brunel, Gilles Neveaux

Last year (2010) we had the opportunity to have a Senior Golf team and a Regular Golf team to represent the Norwood/St Boniface Legion.  Everyone made it to the district however both of our teams advanced to the Provincials.

The Winnipeg Beach Branch hosted the Senior tournament with play at Sandy Hook.  Our Senior team came in second.  The team below consisted of:  (left to right) Gilles Neveux, Al Paul, Rene Brunel, Eric Carlson

The Carmen Branch hosted the Regular Golf Tournament.  Our team didn’t fair too well and came in 9th out of 16 teams but they did a good job and had lots of fun.

The team consisted of: Rick Springett, Maurice Charrett, Chuck Lewis, August Newman

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