Veteran English Billiards


In 1921 our league was formed compiling of just a few teams. The teams players were mainly members of the Fort Osborn Army Barracks in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Although the army barracks are no longer there, we must remember their contribution to the forming of the league.
Originally, each team rated theirs players as #1, #2, #3 etc. and they played against the other teams same rated players. (Player #1 on one team would play Player #1 on the opposing team). After awhile, some players were increasing their skills to the point of the matches becoming unfair so a handicapped system was adopted into the league.
At one point in time, each match night consisted of 3 matches, partially due to some clubs only had one table and the amount of players on each team. When matches were played at these clubs they tried to start the matches as early as 5:30 p.m. (instead of 7 p.m.) to be able to finish the matches that night. But as the popularity of the game of English Billiards grew in the Winnipeg area, they found that 3 matches per Thursday night wasn’t enough so they adopted to four matches per Thursday night. Our league at one time supported 22 individual teams, and is presently supporting 12 teams.

Veterans English Billiards


The Veterans English Billiards League is a handicap league. The game is played to 200 points using a handicap system. There are approximately 10 to 12 teams with an average of 8 players per team. Matches are held throughout the Veteran Clubs in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
The handicaps range from plus 30 to over minus 300. New players start at plus 20 or whatever their ability is and increase by 10 points for a win or decrease by 10 points for a loss for their first 10 matches. After 10 matches it decreases to 5 points per match. Four games per club are played each Thursday night starting at 7:00 p.m. The home team must put up 4 names and the visitors may match any of their players against the home team. For example the visiting team captain can play a minus 250 player against a plus 20 player. The minus 250 player must make 450 points while the plus 20 player needs only to make 180 points. Each match is refereed by a player from the home team. The top six teams play off for the championship shield. Rules are those used by the IBSF.
During regular season individual tournaments are played. The Lockwood Trophy is for the top 16 players in the league and is played with no handicaps. The Bardal Trophy is for players minus 35 and up. The McLean Trophy is for players minus 30 and under. The Ray Trinder Trophy is for players from 0 to +30.



In 1989 the Norwood/St Boniface Legion #43 welcomed the league by sponsoring 2 teams until the ’95-’96 season; ’96-’97 – ’98-’99 season – 1 team, 1999-2000 – no teams, 2000-2001 – 1 team, 2001-2002 – 2 teams, 2003-2004 / 2005-2006 – 1 team, 2006-2007 to present – 2 teams.
Since this union was formed no other club has had the success and the bragging rights to display the various trophies that the teams have won!
In 20 years the Norwood teams have won:
Jack Sparrow Memorian Shield (Champs) 8 times
Jim Simm (Aggregate) 7 times
Thomas Spearman (2nd place) 4 times
Jock Milton (3rd place) 3 times


Harry Lockwood (top 16) 15 times
Neil Bardal -35- 7 times
Jack Maclean -5 to -30 4 times
Ray Trinder +30-0 1 time
Ken Vincent – best record/most feared 6 times
Tom Hargraves – high run high handicap 2 times
Curt Werner – MVP player 1 time
The Club also has the priviledge of having the league’s best player “Fraser Durham”
– 8 Lockwoods with Norwood – 10 overall and special thanks to the “Coach” Ray Trinder.
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